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Team Productivity Tips to Start Your Year Off Right

2021 is nearly here, and it can’t come soon enough. With so much uncertainty swirling around these days, it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to make sure your team stays productive after the holidays. That way, you’ll be making sure you start the New Year off the right way.

Here are three tips for boosting productivity at your organization as we bid farewell to 2020 and ring in the New Year:

Set SMART goals.

This time of year is all about setting goals. Make sure they count for all they’re worth. Use the SMART model to set goals for yourself and your team. A SMART goal is Specific (not too vague), Measurable (quantifiable with actual data), Achievable (meaning that it’s realistic), Relevant (significant right now), and Time-oriented (with a deadline). When your team has all of this information in relation to the shared goal, it makes it much easier to achieve.

Try the two-minute rule.

Does your team have a to-do list that stretches on for miles? Feel like you’re constantly working on a moving target and not actually getting anything done? The two-minute rule might be something that can help. It’s simple: if a task will take less than two minutes, it’s worth getting done right away, rather than adding it to that ever-growing list. Think about what tasks will be easily done in a short timeframe and have the biggest impact. That helps you and your team prioritize what really matters, and it frees up extra time to take care of other tasks, too.

Use the time-cost-quality triangle.

Every decision that your team makes involves three factors: Time, cost, and quality, which make up a triangle. When your team is working on a task, these three factors are always at play with each other. For example, making something with higher quality will take more time, and it may impact cost as well. Getting it done quickly may likely lower the quality. You’ll have to decide what’s most important — prioritizing in this way has a huge impact on your overall productivity.

Sometimes, having the right team in place is the missing link when it comes to productivity. If you’re looking for the best talent in your area to staff your team, it’s as good a time as any to get started on the search. Call Axiom Staffing Group or visit us today.