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3 Reasons to Get Back to Work — Even if You Can Still Collect Unemployment

Have you been off work for months, collecting unemployment while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on? It might seem like the smart choice to keep collecting those checks while staying home and staying safe. But the truth is that there are many good reasons to get back to work if you can, even if you’re making more off of unemployment than you did at your job!

Here are just three of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to get back to work:

You might become ineligible for unemployment benefits if you are offered your job back.

Are you aware that you might become ineligible for unemployment benefits if you are offered your job back but choose not to accept it? Many employees could be put in a difficult situation as jobs start to open back up. The CARES Act allows workers to turn down a job offer for a COVID-19-related reason, like caring for an ill loved one. But it doesn’t allow you to turn down a job just because you’re concerned about going back to work due to pay. So, you might become ineligible for benefits if you turn down your job offer simply because you make more on unemployment.

Unemployment benefits won’t last forever.

Expanded federal unemployment benefits won’t last forever, and unemployed workers will eventually be left with only their state’s unemployment benefits. And that might not be enough to live on, depending on what state you live in and your exact living situation. So, it’s often better to play it safe and take on gainful employment rather than relying on employment when you just don’t know what might be coming next.

Something is better than nothing.

In many ways, having a job at all is better than having nothing. If you don’t take the opportunity for employment now, it might not come again when you need it. Plus, think of the benefits of being employed again: you’ll end that gap on your resume, you’ll keep your skills fresh, you’ll be able to return to professional networking, and you’ll gain access to your normal benefits package again.

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