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What Happens if I Don’t Enjoy My New Job?

It’s a job seeker’s worst nightmare: They’ve finally found a desirable role, made it through all the round of interviews, and gotten hired on… only to find out that they don’t really like their new job. What do you do if you quickly discover that you don’t like your new role as much as you thought you would? Here are some tips on how to react when you don’t enjoy your new job:

Give it a little time.

It’s always a good idea to give things a little time to make sure you’re not going off of gut reactions alone. If you’ve only been at the job for a few weeks, you’re still in the growing pains stage. You may not have the experience or perspective you need yet to know how you’ll really feel day-to-day. It’s wise to think carefully about your decision and give things time to smooth themselves out.

Ask yourself where the problem is.

Be sure to ask yourself what the problem is that you’re having with your new job. Is it the management? Your coworkers? Your attitude? The work itself? Depending on where the problem lies, there may be things you can do to change things. Ask your boss about switching teams if you simply can’t get along with a new coworker or supervisor. See if there are other assignments you could work on that better align with your skillset. Making changes like these can go a long way toward liking the new job a lot more.

Leave the right way.

If you’ve considered the above factors and still find that you aren’t liking your new job, it’s important to leave the right way. If the job isn’t the right fit, there are benefits to leaving: Your mental health, for one, and the opportunity to find a role that you’re better suited to. Draft a letter of resignation and give at least two weeks’ notice; present it to your supervisor before telling other members of the team. Note that you don’t have to go into great detail about why you’re leaving. You can simply tell your supervisor that you feel it’s the best decision for you and the company.

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