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What Type of Job is the Best Fit for My Personality Type?

When it comes to your job and career, it’s important to do something that you love. Otherwise, you’ll be unhappy day in and day out. But how do you know what kind of job is the best fit for you, your personality, and your long-term goals? The Myers-Briggs personality test divides people into 16 personality types, and we can use this framework to determine what kind of job best fits us personally.  

Let’s take a look at four major personality types and some examples of jobs that may suit those individuals. 


Pragmatists are all about using logical systems to solve problems and produce results. Practical-minded people are great at all sorts of jobs, of course, and this kind of personality translates well into all sorts of roles. Hands-on work like carpentry, construction, or culinary arts are a few examples. But police officers, insurance agents, computer engineers, office managers, accountants, and much more can fall into the pragmatist category as well.  


People who are well-suited for the theorist category may be less hands-on than the pragmatists. Much of their work may be, well… theoretical in nature. The theorist likes to mastermind big concepts and drill down to the practical parts over time. Examples of careers in the theorist category include mathematicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, urban planners, architects, attorneys, and business executives, just to name a few.  


Caretakers, as the name suggests, want to care for people around them through their work. From nurses and doctors to veterinarians, customer service representatives, and social workers, the caretaker field suits a lot of individuals well. If you’re interested in helping others and having your hard work make a positive difference, a career in the caretaker field is probably right for you. 


Empaths are similar to caretakers, but their work is focused more on making the world a better place overall. They’re interested in improving lives on a larger scale. Fine artists, landscapers, travel writers, nonprofit directors, psychologists, and librarians are just a few examples. These individuals want their work to affect the lives of others in a positive way, whether it’s only a few people in a particular community or the entire world. 

No matter what type of personality you are and what that means for your job placement, Axiom Staffing Group is here to help you find the perfect fit. We help match qualified job candidates with roles that suit their desires and goals. Contact us to get started.