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Transportation Benefits to Provide Your Warehouse Employees

We usually think of employee benefits as things like healthcare plans, wellness plans, retirement, and vacation days. But transportation benefits are another key area in which you can help your warehouse employees. And providing benefits relating to transportation is a great recruitment tool, too, especially for employees who may not be able to easily drive into work. 

Transportation Benefits to Provide Your Warehouse Employees

Subsidize Employees’ Commutes

Look into the federal Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit program to find out how you can subsidize your workers’ commutes into the warehouse. This allows workers to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover transit costs, or you can subsidize the expense on their behalf and deduct those costs as an employee benefit.  

Support Ridesharing

Whether it’s with a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft, or a carpool or vanpool organized by your employees, support employees commuting together to the warehouse. See what you can do to organize shared rides on your end to give your employees an advantage.  

Partner with Local Transportation Providers

Research local transport providers in your area—car services, shuttle providers, van and truck companies—and see what they have to offer. Many of these companies offer discounted rates for regular service, especially in bulk. Or, you may be able to work with these companies to offer discounted transit passes for your workers.  

Provide Parking Benefits

Even if you don’t provide any sort of benefits in terms of the commute itself, think about providing parking benefits. Free parking, for example, or discounted parking passes if your employees need to park in a public garage on or on public roads. This can take a significant burden off employees who are already commuting to work on their own dime.  

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