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The Importance of Consistent Check-Ins with Your Recruiter

How often do you talk with your recruiter? If the answer is not that often, it might be time to change that. Consistently checking in with your recruiter is very important—both for your relationship with each other and your career at large. In fact, you’ll probably find that your entire outlook changes when you start talking with your recruiter regularly.  

Here’s why consistent communication with your recruiter is so vital:  

Keeping your recruiter updated is important. 

You’ll want to keep your recruiter updated on your current assignment because he or she can help you navigate any challenges and best position yourself for success in the role. It’s also a good opportunity to discuss what you’d like in the future, whether it’s advancing at your current position or looking for something new. You can also talk about whether or not you’d like to continue working contract or temporary positions after your current assignment is up. To put it simply, you’ll want to talk with your recruiter regularly in order to make sure you’re both on the same page.  

You’ll be able to give each other feedback. 

You and your recruiter can talk candidly about, how you’re feeling about your placement, what you’d like to change, etc. You can also give your recruiter feedback about the job they’ve done. Having these conversations is important in helping your recruiter do their best work to get you placed in an assignment you love.  

You can make sure your resume is polished. 

Did you know that recruiters take the time to help you refine and polish your resume, as well as other documents like your cover letter and application documents? Meeting regularly with your recruiter is also important to make sure you’re keeping your important documents updated. Whenever your assignment is up or you’re ready to move on, you can rest assured you’ll be in the best position to make a great first impression.  

You’ll hear about new opportunities when they open. 

Whether you’re actively looking for a new assignment or are just keeping your options open, staying in close contact with your recruiter is the best way to know when something opens up matching your skills, expertise, and desires. Staying in touch can help you to be the first to know about great opportunities, benefiting your career in the long run. 

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