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4 Ways to Broaden Your Talent Search

Attracting top talent is essential to keep your company successful. As a hiring manager, creating a talent pipeline is one of the best ways to acquire promising employees during times of company growth. While this process can take time, it should be an important focus. 

How Can You Broaden Your Talent Search?

Build a Strategy to Find the Right Talent

To be successful in hiring top talent, you’re going to need a strategy. The strategy should include all the different ways you can source promising candidates and how you can maintain these channels. 

4 Ways to Find More Top Talent When You Need It

Diversify Online Channels

It’s obviously important for companies to use online channels to find workers. But which sites are you using? In addition to your website, consider job boards like Indeed or Hired. You should also utilize the many features of LinkedIn and Facebook for finding potential employees. Depending on your industry, there are even more specialized sites that can help you connect with active job seekers or passive talent to add to your pipeline.

Don’t Forget About Offline Opportunities

While most recruiting happens online these days, don’t forget about offline opportunities to find top talent. Business networking, job fairs, and other special events in the industry are not only great times to connect with colleagues but also to find potential employees that you want to add to the pipeline. 

Utilize Your Employees

If you’re happy with your employees’ work, then why wouldn’t you consider asking them if they have any connections who would be a good fit for the team. While you could always just ask your employees for referrals, many companies implement incentive programs that reward their employees for referrals who stay at the company for a certain amount of time. 

Build a Strong Brand

One of the biggest elements to your hiring strategy needs to be the brand presence of your own company. When potential candidates find your website or company profile, what do they see? Take a look at your online profiles on networking websites and your own website, and be sure it’s communicating what your company is all about. Job postings should also be in line with your brand messaging and should be detailed. 

Find Star Talent with Expert Help

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