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How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

The job search process can be quite exhausting. First search for the job, then the interview, then it’s time to wait. Sometimes, after all that work, the wait time to hear the results from your interview seems to be forever!

How Do You Correctly Follow Up After a Job Interview?

Why the Wait Time Can Be Long

One reason that’s important to remember is that the person who interviewed you, or the one responsible for contacting you, may be hiring for several positions. Reaching out to them and checking in will only add to their list of tasks and may not end up with the result you’re hoping for. 

Don’t Forget! 

Before you leave the interview, don’t forget to ask the interviewer what the next steps will be and what they expect the time frame to be as well. This can help you create an expectation of the waiting period, which will make it easier. 

The Best Follow-Up Steps After a Job Interview

Immediately Follow-Up with a Thank You Note

One of the important bits of information you receive during the interview process is the contact information of the hiring manager or people in your interview. Within the same afternoon or evening of your interview, send them a thank you email.

Keep it professional and express your gratitude for their time. Include one specific high note from your interview to make your email stand out from any others they receive. In your closing, express your willingness to answer any questions or provide any materials if needed. 

A Follow-Up Note

If you don’t hear back from the manager by the end of the date they said they would be in touch, it’s acceptable to reach out the following day. This note shouldn’t be too long, but can express three main ideas:

  • Gratitude for the interview
  • Why do you think you’re the best fit for the position
  • Offer to help or provide any information they may need

Ask for Feedback

If you end up hearing back with a rejection letter, the final communication you might have with the hiring manager is a note asking for constructive feedback. Not all recruiters or managers will take the time to respond, but you might get lucky with some valuable insight to make your next interview performance better. Who knows, this final communication might also get you an offer down the road if a position that you’re better suited for opens up. 

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