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How to Navigate Detours on the Path to Success

When you’re searching for success, you may find that you begin searching for a “silver bullet” piece of advice. That no-fail nugget that makes everything click and fall into place.

While sayings like, “never give up, “ or “do what you love,” all mean well, it’s unrealistic to rely on sayings instead of your own reality.

By focusing on your own context of your goals, you will find greater success in navigating your path to success, even when you might encounter detours.

How to Navigate Detours During Your Job Search & Careers

Focus & Invest in Your Specialty

Everyone has a specialty or skill that can set them apart. Instead of worrying about being proficient in lots of things, double down on your specialty so you can stand out. What sets you apart, and what you continually focus on will help drive your success throughout your career.

Are you unsure of your specialty? Consider taking a personality quiz from a reputable source. You can also consider these insightful questions:

  • Where have you consistently been effective?
  • Where do you provide a useful impact?
  • When do you receive positive feedback?

The discovery process may take some time, but it is well worth the exploration.

Consider Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is key to being able to navigate your job search and career. But to be able to overcome detours, you have to go beyond identification and move on to understanding how your strengths and weaknesses can all become strengths. 

A weakness may only be a weakness when it’s used in certain scenarios. A weakness might be able to become a strength when it is harnessed in some situations. For example, someone who is direct and brash, might not be the best collaborator, but they should be able to make decisions without wavering.

Understand What Success Means to You

Success looks different for every person, and for each person, it can evolve. As we grow older and live through different life chapters, the definition of success might change. This is perfectly normal, and your ultimate success will come when you align yourself and your actions with what success really means to you right now. When you have that alignment, you are confident with who you are, where you are, and what you are choosing to do (relating to that specialty above, right?). 

If you’re looking for a job opportunity, consider what success means to you at this point in your life. Find a job that allows you to feel successful in the specialty that will help you shine. This type of focus can help you choose the right opportunity and not just anything that’s available. 

Overcome Your Job Search Woes with the Professionals

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