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Strategies to Budget While You Are Searching For a Job

Embarking a job search can certainly bring about plenty of reasons for excitement. However, a job search can also bring stress as well. While there are several reasons you may feel stress and angst during the job search, one thing you should try to eliminate during your job search is financial stress.

While looking for your next job, here are some tips and strategies to stay on a healthy budget so you can cut down on certain sources of stress.

Ways to Manage Your Finances During a Job Search

Understand Your Current Financial Situation

As you begin your job search, it’s vital that you have a clear understanding of your current financial situation. Understand your utility bills, your regular expenses like gas and groceries, and review different transaction history so you are “in the know” of your finances during the job search process. By fully understanding your current financial situation, you can adjust your spending so your bank account can stay at a healthy balance. You’ll also understand how long you’ll be able to spend looking for the right job before you need to start collecting a paycheck.

Separate Wants & Needs

While you look at your finances and transaction history, it is important to distinguish between your wants and needs. Prioritize your needs when you make a budget, and determine how to pare back on your wants. It might look like spreading out a haircut a bit longer than usual, or it could mean skipping the dry cleaner until you’re ready to prepare for an interview. 

Create & Stick To a Budget

It’s time to create a realistic but firm budget. This will need to include regular expenses like housing, utilities, phone, internet, car payment, gas, groceries, healthcare, etc. You’ll also want to consider if there’s money you can carve out for fun. Even though you need to be frugal while finding a job, it’s also important to allocate money for some fun so you can stay sane and upbeat. Consider going to a bowling alley outside of peak hours when they have a deal, meeting friends at a restaurant for a group dining promo, or even one really exciting event per month. As you create your budget, determine how much “fun” money you have, then find the activities or entertainment that fits within that budget.

Look for Sales & Bargains

One of the best ways to stick to a budget is to look for sales and bargains while shopping. Here are some simple tips to save money while shopping:

  • Use coupons, but only when you actually need the items featured
  • Consider generic or off-brand items
  • Buy household or non-perishable items in bulk

Don’t Rely on Credit Cards

When you’re running low on funds or trying to stick to a budget, a credit card can seem like the perfect fallback when you’re in a pinch. Unfortunately, relying on a credit card can actually spiral you into a financial pool of stress. With interest rates being so high, even small purchases on a credit card end up costing you quite a bit. Even if you end up landing a job sooner than later, a larger chunk of your paycheck may be going to pay off a credit card bill that will be higher than was necessary.

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