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Temp Work or Full-Time? What Is Better For You?

Finding a job can be more difficult than you might expect. While there are jobs available, finding the right one to fit your skills, your schedule preferences, your pay requirements, and of course, your career goals. Sometimes, thinking outside the box of what you might normally consider might open up promising opportunities. To learn what might work best for you, consider the pros and cons between temp and full-time work. 

What is Better for You? Temp-Work or Full-Time?

Pros of Temp Work

Temp work has grown in popularity for a variety of different reasons. Here are some of the main draws to temp work.

Flexible Schedule

Temporary work contracts can last for a variety of time periods. Some might be for a few weeks, while others can last for over a year. Depending on your industry and the position, you can find temporary work that will fit the other demands you have in your life. 

Unlike a full-time job, you are less likely to be expected to take work home with you after you log your hours for the day. This can definitely be helpful when trying to create a work-life balance. 

Build Your Resume

Temporary work is a great way to build your resume with relevant experience. No matter what your overall career goals may be, a resume that demonstrates your expertise in the industry with relevant experience can help you land your dream job.

Opportunity for Full-Time Position

If you’d ultimately like to have a full-time job at a company, temporary work is a great avenue. Often, companies use temporary positions as way to find a skilled and promising employee to bring on full-time.

Cons of Temp Work

Compensation Can Be Inconsistent

Since temporary work revolves around the contract terms, you will have to continually find temporary work to keep your pay consistently coming in. You might also find that companies vary compensation rates.

Lack of Benefits or Entitlements

Temporary workers do not get the same health or retirement benefits that full-time employees may be offered. They are also only paid for the hours they work. If the company is closed for a national holiday, or for any other reason, they will miss out on the ability to earn money during those hours.

Pros of Full-Time Work

While temporary work has gained popularity over the years, full-time positions are still attractive to job seekers.

Stability & Security

Upon accepting a full-time job, your career will feel more stable and secure. A healthy company, along with a high-performing employee are the two most important factors for keeping your paychecks coming regularly. 

Benefits & Paid Time-Off

Full-time employees will also receive health and sometimes retirement benefits. Companies try their best to stay competitive in the industry by offering appealing health benefits so you won’t have to stress to take care of yourself. 

These employees will also enjoy paid time-off for company holidays, a certain amount of sick days, and also a designated amount of vacation days.

Clearer Path for Growth

Full-time employees have a clearly defined role in a company and often have a clear idea of their path for growth within the company. This can be helpful for achieving your professional goals as well as aiming to make more money as your experience grows with the company.

Cons of Full-Time Work

Less Control Over Your Schedule

As a full-time employee, you are expected to abide by the regularly set schedule of the company. In addition to showing up for your regular schedule, if you’re needed for an additional project or to help another team, you’re pretty much obligated to do so.

Tendency to Get Into a Skills Rut

One of the often overlooked cons of full-time work is that working in a set position or company for a longer period of time might lead to stagnation when developing your professional skills. Instead of having to learn new skills to adapt for professional growth, full-time workers may become complacent and end up having a harder time adapting when industrial changes finally force new skill adaptation.

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