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Key Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Just about everyone could use a refresher when it comes to time management skills. With such a variety of responsibilities on any given day, staying productive and efficient is key so you can meet deadlines and continue to grow in your profession.

Key Practices to Improve Your Time Management 


Ranking your tasks in order of importance is a key practice to improving time management. When you’re able to better understand which tasks need your attention first, you’ll work more efficiently.


Planning your workflow helps you stay on task. You’ll need to have a solid understanding of how long each task will take to complete, plus their rank of prioritization to be organized. Being organized with your planning practices can help you have a better approach to tackle your tasks on any given day.

Manage Your Stress

While time management might seem like it’s all about doing the tasks, it’s also about understanding your limitations and when to take a break. Whether this break means a quick outdoor walk to come back and face your next task with a clear head or maybe it’s knowing which tasks to delegate to other team members. You also want to be sure to be in tune with your stress levels. Higher stress levels can actually decrease the quality of your work, which can add more to your plate in the end. 

Ways to Practice & Improve Your Time Management Skills

Get Started Early

When larger projects are on the horizon, it’s a good idea to begin brainstorming the subject matter before the official start date. This allows you to save some time during initial preparation and can help you overcome that initial tendency to procrastinate. 

Don’t Be a Bobblehead “Yes” Man

To remain productive and efficient with your work, you need to resist the urge to always say “yes” to added responsibilities around the office. Many people might feel pressure to take on more, thinking it will make a good impression, but this can backfire if it’s not done thoughtfully. While there may be times to add on more responsibilities to your plate, choose these wisely to avoid burnout. Plus, showing some restraint to people-pleasing might lead to an opportunity to help delegate in a wise manner, which will set a much more lasting good impression.

Learn Your Rhythm

Everyone has a different rhythm of productivity throughout their day. If you’re not aware of yours yet, it’s time to learn what your rhythm of productivity is like. Whether the early AM hours are your most productive or it’s right after an outdoor lunch walk, embrace your rhythm. Once you’re able to understand which part of your day is most productive, it can also help you figure out how to utilize the other parts of the day to your best abilities. One tip to do this is to schedule easier tasks during your less productive times so that you’re able to chip away at responsibilities no matter what. 

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