4 Most Important Things to Include on a Resume

4 Most Important Things to Include on a Resume | Axiom Staffing

No matter what type of job you are searching for, a stand-out resume is a must to get hired. There are a few essential elements that every resume should include if you want to catch the eyes of a recruiter. Four Important Things to Include in Your Resume Regardless of the style or format of […]

How to Include Extracurricular Activities on Your Resume

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Have you participated in extracurricular activities in the past, whether it’s during school or outside of work? Make no mistake: These activities can and should go on your resume in many cases. Employers love to see well-rounded candidates, and your experience outside of a work setting definitely contributes to that. Here are some tips on […]

Should My References Be Included on My Resume?

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Everyone has heard of job references. They’re people you list on an application for the employer to call and get their thoughts on your credibility, expertise, and character. But should references be included on your resume? Some people say no, and some say yes. So what should you do? Here are some tips on whether […]

What Your Resume Says vs. What a Hiring Manager Sees

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It takes a long time to sculpt the perfect resume. After all that work, you want to make sure it’s being read properly. Follow these tips to win over the next hiring manager. Use the Right Length and Design Humans are naturally visually oriented, so having your resume look the right way is incredibly important. […]