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Should My References Be Included on My Resume?

Everyone has heard of job references. They’re people you list on an application for the employer to call and get their thoughts on your credibility, expertise, and character. But should references be included on your resume? Some people say no, and some say yes. So what should you do?

Here are some tips on whether or not to include references on your resume.

Check the job listing and application.

The first thing to do is thoroughly examine the job listing and/or application to see if there is explicit language regarding references. Sometimes, job listings will request references specifically. Others will direct you not to include references at all. If you can find this information in the job listing or application itself, the question is answered for you.

Leave them out if you don’t have space.

As a general rule, leave references off your resume if your resume is already long or you don’t have space. The last thing you want to do is clutter your document unnecessarily. The space you give to references would probably be better spent discussing your work history and experience or highlighting your skills and impact at your past jobs.

Add a line to your cover letter.

In most cases, a better spot to mention references is in your cover letter, not your resume. You can consider adding a small paragraph to your cover letter listing a few references and their contact information. This way, you offer up the references if the employer wants them, but you don’t take up valuable real estate on your resume.

Bridge the gap.

Another option is to add one line to your resume, probably near the bottom or perhaps in the summary section, that simply says “references available upon request.” This is a good half-measure between adding references directly to your resume and leaving them out of the application process entirely.

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