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How to Include Extracurricular Activities on Your Resume

Have you participated in extracurricular activities in the past, whether it’s during school or outside of work? Make no mistake: These activities can and should go on your resume in many cases. Employers love to see well-rounded candidates, and your experience outside of a work setting definitely contributes to that.

Here are some tips on including extracurricular activities on your resume:

Merge the extracurriculars in a section where it makes sense.

Did you participate in an extracurricular activity during school? It might make sense to list it under the “education” section of your resume. For example, if you were a tutor for other students in your department, you can list this after your education details. It’s relevant to your education but also demonstrates that you go out of your way to help others — that’s a quality that hiring managers like.

Create a new section.

If your extracurriculars don’t fit in with an existing section, make a new one. You can try titling it as “activities” or “volunteering.” Then, you have plenty of space to describe the extracurricular activity and tell the reader how it relates to your career and the job you’re applying for.

Make sure the extracurricular activity is relevant.

Remember to make sure that the extracurricular activity or activities that you plan on listing on your resume relates to the job you’re applying for. There’s no use mentioning that you were a member of your college swim team if it doesn’t relate to your field. However, if you’re an IT specialist and you were a part of your school’s programming club, it’s worth mentioning.

Highlight your responsibilities and achievements, not just your title.

Don’t just list the title of your extracurricular activity and call it a day. It’s very important that you describe what the activity was and what your role and responsibilities were in it. Hiring managers and employers want to know why the extracurricular activity is important and why it makes you a better candidate. Simply knowing that you participated isn’t good enough.

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