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4 Most Important Things to Include on a Resume

No matter what type of job you are searching for, a stand-out resume is a must to get hired. There are a few essential elements that every resume should include if you want to catch the eyes of a recruiter.

Four Important Things to Include in Your Resume

Regardless of the style or format of your resume, make sure it includes these four essential things.

Clear Headings

Every good resume has clear headings and separation to make it easy for a hiring manager to read. Headings will separate each section of your resume and should be formatted with special font styles, like bold, italics, underlining, or even a larger size. 

Be careful that you don’t get too creative. While you want to stand out, many companies utilize recruiting software systems, and a resume that is too unorthodox may not get noticed by the software. 

Extra tip: When you’re writing your resume, take a step back so you can hardly see the words. Do your eyes notice clear breaks and separations? This is a simple way to see if you have headings and formatting to make it easy to read.

Relevant Details

Each resume should be tailored to the job position. Include relevant information in your job history as well as examples that speak directly to the specifications of the job post.

You may find that you don’t have to include every job you’ve ever had, so include only the experience that best speaks to why you are right for the job. From there, choose the most relevant, specific examples to prove why you will be a valuable hire.

Extra tip: Whenever possible, include data, like an increase in sales or customers, that is quantifiable. This is a good way to stand out and prove yourself before even getting into the interview stage.

Important Keywords

When crafting your unique resume for a specific job position, try to match keywords from the job description. This will not only speak to the hiring manager, but it will be highlighted in the recruiting software, increasing your chances of standing out among the many applicants.

Extra tip: If it’s too hard to include keywords at the first draft, just write from your heart first then go back for editing. This process can help you avoid a “writer’s block.”

Updated Contact Info & Social Media Links

If you’re editing a resume, don’t forget about the contact information. Be sure everything is correct. Since today’s recruiters and managers are on social media like everyone else, it’s also a good idea to include some social media profiles if you have them. Obviously, only include profiles that exemplify your qualifications and professionalism. 

Extra tip: Before including your social media links and sending off your resume, do an online clean-up to make sure that what is available for recruiters to see is what you want them to see.

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