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3 Tips to Help Jobseekers Returning to the Job Search

You are returning to the job search after being out of the professional world for an extended period of time. As a result, there’s a noticeable gap in your employment history, which isn’t ideal in the eyes of recruiters. However, it’s not an insurmountable challenge to finding a job that you are excited about when resuming your career.

Axiom Staffing Group shares three ways to make your transition back to your job search a smooth one and increase your likelihood of finding a rewarding position.

1. Prepare Answers to the Question About Your Time Away

One of the first things that recruiters will often address is your employment gap. It’s important to have answers prepared ahead of time. You know the questions will be coming so it’s important to give them some thought prior to the interview. The best way to handle this subject is to touch on the positive things you’ve accomplished outside of work.

Maybe you’re a new parent and needed to take some time off to raise your child. Maybe you’ve been busy caring for a relative. Maybe you were doing some long-term traveling. Whatever the case, be honest and focus on the positives.

2. Consider a Functional Resume

A functional resume is usually your best bet when there’s a gap in your employment history since it summarizes your skills and qualifications rather than listing a chronological work timeline. This format showcases what you offer the company and makes an employment gap less obvious. At its core, a functional resume proves you have the knowledge and expertise needed for the job.

Some key areas to touch on include your objective, skills summary and professional experience. From there, mention your education and employment history.

3. Highlight Other Ways You’ve Developed Your Career

Just because you haven’t been working at a formal job doesn’t mean you haven’t developed your career in other ways. If there’s anything you’ve participated in that helped fine-tune your skills or enrich your mind, you should definitely let a recruiter know about it.

Did you volunteer with an organization or an educational group? Did you take a class, complete online training or receive any type of certification? Highlighting any type of career development can impress a recruiter and work to your benefit.

Even if you haven’t been actively working for a period of time doesn’t mean that has to be a strike against you. By preparing ahead of time, you can make a great impression and improve your likelihood of landing a job.

Do you need assistance finding a job in your area? Contact the professionals at Axiom Staffing Group today to get started. Our great team is ready to help with your job search and find the right match for your skills!