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Is Temp-to-Hire the Right Fit for Your Career?

When looking for a job, you might not consider a hybrid opportunity that offers flexibility for yourself and the company. A temp-to-hire position has potential to transition into a full-time position after a predetermined amount of time if you meet expectations and are a good long-term fit. Here’s why this route can be a smart move for your career, and how to ensure you make a positive impression on your employer.

Benefits of a Temp-to-Hire Position

The primary advantage of this working arrangement is to provide an opportunity to evaluate an employer and determine if both parties want to make this a long-term working relationship. If you find it to be a rewarding position and that you fit in with the culture, the odds are good this could be the right fit for you in a full-time (and long-term) capacity.

Some other benefits of a temp-to-hire position include:

  • Learning new skills and making helpful contacts
  • Gaining access to benefits, including healthcare
  • Avoiding gaps in your job history

Increasing Your Chances of Getting the Full-Time Position

Getting hired in a full-time status starts with making a great first impression. You’ll need to do the essentials like consistently show up for work on time, avoiding absenteeism and tardiness and having a positive attitude. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re giving your maximum effort, throughout your time on assignment.

Your employer will be observing these things as well as your overall work ethic, so it’s important to bring your best effort every day.

Some other tips for ultimately landing the full-time position include:

  • Striving to develop solid relationships with your managers and colleagues
  • Fitting in with the company culture
  • Going the extra mile and working to exceed expectations

If you were ever skeptical of a temp-to-hire position, you should definitely reconsider. This job status can be a viable means of advancing your career and finding a rewarding long-term position.

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