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4 Areas That Help Determine If the Job Is for You

Finding a job that you’re not only qualified for but enjoy is important for the success of your

career and overall well-being. It should align with your values and be a place where your

personality meshes with the company culture. Here are four specific areas to look for to know if a potential job is right for you.

Organized and Respectful Interview Process

Does your interviewer treat you with respect and make a valid attempt to get to know you as an individual? Or do they seem disinterested and treat you more as a number rather than a person?

Is the interview process efficient and streamlined? Or is it chaotic?

Ideally, you will have a positive experience throughout the interview process, and it will be evident that the interviewer is on top of their game. Whenever you communicate with the potential employer, how long does it take to get back to you and does it feel like a custom answer? You will be able to tell how important your job application is to each company.

Great Connection With Your Potential Boss and Co-Workers

One of the most important parts of finding happiness in practically any career is getting along with your boss and colleagues. While you don’t necessarily need to be best friends, it’s helpful to have a solid connection right from the start. This connection can often be the catalyst for great team chemistry and synergy.

Future of the Company and Overall Culture

Does the future of the company look bright and promising? Or are there any question marks as to its longevity and success?

In most cases, you’ll want to find employment with a company that’s trending upward and not on the downward slide. Asking about company growth or looking online for any information are two great ways to gain that knowledge. It’s also important to have a positive company culture that matches your unique personality. Be upfront and ask about the company culture in your interviews. Companies want a good fit in this area similar to how they want a good fit in the skills you bring to the table.

Workplace Layout, Attitude, Etc.

A few characteristics that would describe a great workplace include clean, professional and organized. That’s why you’ll want to assess the workplace layout and use it as an indicator of how well run the company is. If you see chaos and clutter the moment you walk through the door, it might not be the right job for you.

Also, what’s the overall attitude of your potential co-workers? Do they seem happy and engaged? Or do you get a negative vibe that’s indicative of low morale?

Just as an employer will be assessing you, it’s a good idea to assess them as well. That assessment will increase the likelihood of finding a position you’ll find agreeable in the long run and where you can find genuine job satisfaction.

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