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4 Ways to Mind Your Manners During Your Job Search

Hard skills such as experience and qualifications will heavily impact your odds of landing a job. However, you could make the point that the little things play an equally important role. Having the right etiquette and manners can impress your recruiter and sell yourself as being the right candidate. Here are four pieces of advice to follow during your next job search when it comes to basic etiquette.

1. Be Nice to Everyone

It’s easy to remember that you should be polite, friendly and courteous to the hiring manager since they are making the final decision. But it doesn’t just stop there. You never know who the hiring manager will talk to after your interview (the receptionist for example). If you are impolite or rude (even if it’s unintentional), this can come back to haunt you once the hiring manager catches wind of it. Make a conscious effort to treat everyone with the same level of respect.

2. Turn Your Phone Off During the Interview

The last thing you want to happen is for your mobile device to make noise when you’re right in the middle of an interview. Even if it’s an honest mistake, it can come across as disrespectful and show a lack of preparation and self-awareness. In fact, this could be a deal breaker even if you’re right on the cusp of landing a job. Always make sure that you silence your mobile device beforehand.

3. Really Listen to the Questions

The hiring manager will be listening attentively to the way you respond to questions. They can basically see the wheels in your brain turning as you come up with each response. This is why you want to really listen to each question and provide the best possible answer.

Try to avoid saying anything generic or cliché, and prove to them that you’re someone who stands out from the pack. You will have some “stock” answers prepared but if you tailor that answer and include information from the actual question, then it shows you are able to think on your feet and be really attentive during the interview.

4. Follow Up After the Interview

This is a simple yet effective gesture to show that you truly appreciate the time that a potential employer gave you and proves that you’re really interested in obtaining a position. Typically, you’ll want to follow up by either email or telephone within 24 to 48 hours after an interview.

Your manners and overall etiquette play a significant role in whether you ultimately land a job. By following these four tips, you can conduct yourself with the utmost professionalism and ensure that you make a positive impression.

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