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Should Temp Work Be on Your Resume?

A common question from job candidates is whether they should list temporary work on their resume. Since it’s not a formal, permanent position, there may be reservations about sharing the temporary job information with potential employers.

But the answer to this question is an emphatic YES! Including temp work on your resume has some distinct advantages that can help you land a new job.

It Shows You’re Willing to Find Work in Any Capacity

Employers prefer a potential candidate who is motivated and possesses a strong work ethic.

By including a temporary job on your resume, it shows a potential employer that you’re driven and productive, even if it’s not your ideal, permanent position. In turn, they’re more likely to take you more seriously and give you careful consideration.

It Shows You’re Willing to Learn New Skills

Another trait that many employers search for in an employee is a willingness to learn. They want to know a potential hire can adapt and grow into a position. Mentioning your previous employment as a temporary worker shows you’re comfortable learning new skills and not afraid to leave your comfort zone. This willingness makes you a more appealing job candidate and increases your chance of getting hired.

It Closes a Big Hole in Your Resume

Having a gap in your employment is sometimes difficult to explain to a potential employer. But you can eliminate this problem by listing any temporary jobs you’ve held in the past.

It Gives You Extra References

Let’s say that you did an excellent job while working for a temporary employer in the past. This person could serve as a great reference if a potential full-time employer is looking to learn more about you. If a recruiter does contact that previous employer, this should boost your credibility and increase the likelihood that you get hired.

Don’t overlook the positive impact that temporary employment can have on your long-term career. If you had any doubt about listing temporary work on your resume, you should forget about it because listing your temporary work can improve your job search significantly.

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