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4 Tips to Deal with Workplace Conflict

Part of being successful at your job is learning how to handle the different types of co-workers at your company. Whenever there are multiple personalities and differing working styles, there’s inevitably going to be conflict at some point. But it’s important that you understand how to effectively deal with workplace conflict when it arises. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Handle the Issue

First of all, it’s critical to handle the situation professionally and with tact. It’s easy to let your irritation get the best of you and lash out at the other person, but you should always take the high road. Manage your reaction and maintain poise at all times. Even if you have to walk away and take a deep breath, that can be more productive than shouting out your first reaction.

In the long run, this will help you develop patience to handle stressful situations at work more effectively. Creating a process where you learn how to manage your emotions and not get into a shouting match will help your workplace relationships and your career success.

2. Acknowledge That the Other Person Isn’t Entirely at Fault

When you get into a disagreement, it’s common to think the other person is 100 percent at fault. But seldom are things this easy to break down. In fact, it’s quite possible that you’re at fault to at least some extent. Although this isn’t always easy to accept, it should help you see things more objectively, and you’ll be better able to come up with a viable solution.  Taking a step back and trying to look at the situation from the other person’s perspective could shed light on your disagreement and help lead to a resolution.

3. Don’t Complain to Others About the Person

Another common reaction is to voice your thoughts of another person to other co-workers. You’ll probably want to vent your frustration and get validation that the other person is at fault. But this is no way to handle the situation because it can quickly create a toxic working environment. Instead, try to keep it to yourself and avoid dragging others into the mix. If you need to talk about the situation at work, approach your manager and share your frustrations in a professional manner.

4. Provide Feedback When Appropriate

If at all possible, you should try to communicate with the person you’re having a problem with. Don’t be aggressive about it, but speak as two professionals where you explain your position in order to find some type of solution or agreement. Focus on the behavior and not the person in order to prevent more strife. Making it a personal disagreement won’t help bring any resolution.

Unfortunately, conflicts do arise in the workplace. By keeping these four tips in mind it should ensure that you handle conflict in a responsible way.

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