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5 Ways to Promote a Healthy Workplace

Employees may feel compelled to come into work when they are sick because they don’t want to miss a day. Companies appreciate their dedication but also have to balance the spread of illness to other employees, which could really hinder production and morale.
Here are four tips that companies can focus on to promote a healthy workplace and be proactive in minimizing its impact?

1. Encourage Hand Washing and the Use of Hand Sanitizer

Prevention is usually the best cure, and you can cut back on the spread of germs considerably by encouraging consistent hand washing. Employees should get in the habit of doing this after using the restroom, sneezing, coughing, etc. It’s also smart to have several bottles of hand sanitizer located throughout your workplace in conspicuous areas so employees can conveniently use them to kill germs.

2. Maintain a Sanitary Workplace

Surfaces like office desks and countertops should be continually wiped clean with disinfectant. Floors should be routinely vacuumed/swept and mopped. This is especially important in communal areas such as your break room where food is often located.

3. Promote Healthy Activities

The Harvard Medical School has linked employees being sedentary to a host of health complications including diabetes, heart disease and premature death. This is why you should do everything possible to keep your employees on the move. Some ideas include:

  • Using hybrid desks where employees can go from sitting to standing
  • Encouraging employees to take a walk during their breaks
  • Offering free memberships to gyms and exercise classes

4. Practice Flu Prevention

The colder winter months from December to February are typically the time of year when flu season hits. This is when your employees will be especially susceptible to flu and other illnesses. That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage your employees to get vaccinated each year. Setting up a flu clinic on the worksite brings the vaccines right to your team members. Being vaccinated should lower their likelihood of catching the flu virus and prevent employees from missing work.

As an employer, it should be your priority to promote a healthy workplace and focus on the well-being of your employees. There are several tactics to minimize the spread of illness and impact on your company.

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