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Maximize Your Personal Creativity With These New Habits

Tapping into your creativity can have a powerful outcome. It can help you produce innovative solutions to major challenges, increase your productivity and generally make doing your job more fun. But how do you get your creative juices flowing? Here are some habits that can help.

Change Your Scenery

Have you ever traveled to a new location and found yourself coming to new realizations and even epiphanies? It’s a phenomenon that happens to a lot of people. In fact, many of the most famous artists and writers get their inspiration from travel.

There’s even an article from The Atlantic that suggests new scenery can be the catalyst for creativity. “In general, creativity is related to neuroplasticity, or how the brain is wired. Neural pathways are influenced by environment and habit, meaning they’re also sensitive to change: New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, and sights spark different synapses in the brain and may have the potential to revitalize the mind.”

If you want to increase your creativity, make it a point to change your scenery from time to time. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to travel to the opposite side of the globe. Sometimes simply visiting a new area in your city like a museum, park or theatre can do the trick.

Write Down Your Ideas

You can’t snap your fingers and force inspiration to come to you. But when it does, it’s a good idea to write down your ideas while they’re fresh in your mind. Often our best ideas come in creative bursts, so be sure to record them whenever they surface. You can use a regular pen and paper, or a note-taking app on your phone like Wunderlist works great.

Set Aside “Creative Time”

Tim Ferriss is a New York Times best-selling author, investor, podcaster and generally one of the most creative people on the planet. Even though he’s incredibly in demand, he deliberately leaves unfilled gaps in his schedule to serve as “creative time.” This is when he allows himself to ponder, reflect, contemplate and simply let his mind wander.

In turn, he’s able to come up with even more amazing ideas and pursue other enlightening projects. Giving yourself free time where you’re completely unencumbered can often be the stimulus for creative insights.

Although creativity isn’t something you can summon whenever you feel like it, there are definitely strategies that can help. Getting into these habits can make you consistently more creative and maximize your own personal potential.

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