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What Skills Show Excellence at Handling Customer Service on Social Media?

Social media is used for several different aspects of sales and marketing. One trend that’s catching on is using it for handling customer service requests. Brands that implement this strategy correctly can streamline customer service, keep customers happy and improve their overall brand equity. Having the following skills shows excellence at handling customer service on social media and can give you an edge in your job search.

Ability to Resolve Quickly

A swift response is of the utmost concern. Most customers expect their input will be quickly seen and responded to. In fact, research from The Social Habit found, “32 percent of respondents who have ever attempted to contact a brand, product or company through social media for customer support expect a response within 30 minutes. Additionally, 42 percent expect a response within 60 minutes.”

So time is of the essence. Demonstrating you understand the demands of customers and have the capabilities of quickly resolving their issues is a major selling point to employers.

Taking Requests Seriously

It may be company protocol to rate a customer service request in terms of importance and prioritize it accordingly. But nearly every customer views their request as being important. Therefore, take every request seriously. This is especially important for complaints to ensure they don’t escalate.

Ability to Search and Find Comments About Your Company

Social listening is a key component of a well-run social media marketing campaign. If you’re unfamiliar, this term is defined as “the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online.” To impress employers, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of this process and know how to find what’s being said about a company.

You’ll need to know how to track online conversations and stay notified of recent events that could impact a company’s online reputation. Fortunately, there are several different tools that can aid in this process. A couple of the more popular ones include Google Alerts and Mention.

Customer service has evolved significantly over the past decade or so. While it used to be handled either in person or over the telephone, a large percentage of customer service inquiries are now handled through social media. Possessing these specific skills is important for proving your aptitude and making you desirable to potential employers.

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