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Specific Answers Lead to Job Interview Success

During a job interview, you will encounter two main types of questions – general and specific. Specific questions require you to provide an in-depth answer; general questions do not. One way to have a successful job interview and impress your interviewer is by giving detailed answers to general questions. Here are some easy-to-follow tips.

Show Examples for a General Question

One of the most classic interview questions is, “Why should I hire you?” You could say something basic, “I have significant experience,” but that won’t give the interviewer any real insight into your unique skills and abilities.

A better response would be something along these lines. “I have significant experience and have worked in [your industry] for over a decade. At my previous job, I helped increase productivity by 10 percent within my first six months. I’m particularly adept at [these tasks] and believe this knowledge would translate perfectly to this position.”

The key here is to match your existing talents to the job you’re applying for. Let your interviewer know what you bring to the table by providing specific details.

Talk About Stress

Let’s be honest. Most workplaces can get a little stressful from time to time. Therefore, employers want to know you’ll stay calm and overcome any challenges that come your way. If an interviewer brings up this topic, explain in detail how you manage stress and stay on track when things get chaotic. Proving you can handle stress should make you a more desirable candidate.

Prove You’re Really Thinking About the Question

Here’s one final point. Interviewers don’t want you to simply “go through the motions” and provide a generic answer. Instead, they want to know you’re giving it careful thought. For this reason, never give a brief one or two-word answer.

Even if they ask you something basic like, “What are your strengths?” it’s important you dig deep and give them beyond the bare minimum. This shows you are taking the interview seriously and are truly motivated to land a job with their company.

Your responses to an interviewer’s questions can be the difference between landing the job or not. The best way to make a positive impression is to provide comprehensive answers to their questions and touch on specific details that are relevant to the job. Doing so should turn you from being just “an average candidate” to someone they’ll give serious consideration.

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