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What is the Recruiter Looking for on Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is arguably the world’s best social platform for professional networking. As of April 2017, it had 500 million users and more than 10 million active job posts. This presents great opportunities if you use it correctly. A key part stems from knowing what recruiters are looking for and optimizing your profile accordingly. Here are some essential areas to include in your LinkedIn profile.

Match Your Profile to the Job

Complete your profile to match what recruiters in your industry are searching for. Add relevant skills specific to your industry and use targeted keywords to increase your likelihood of being found. Thoroughly complete the “Experience” of your profile, and include key details that highlight your talent and what you will bring to the company.

Show Success – Quantifiable Results

Many industries are saturated with high-level talent and the talent pool can be massive. To distinguish yourself from the competition, show your success in a way that’s tangible for recruiters. Fortunately, this is easy to do. LinkedIn provides a great framework.

One way to prove yourself is by getting as many endorsements as possible for your key skills. It is a simple way for your connections to provide their nod of approval and vouch for your abilities. More endorsements lead to an appearance of more creditability. Include your three primary skills at the top because these will appear directly on your profile.

Also, try to get a few recommendations from previous employers or colleagues. Just a few sentences will be enough to demonstrate your value to potential employers.

Pass the Eye Test

Aesthetics are also important on LinkedIn. When it comes to job titles and responsibilities, include pertinent information and avoid anything meaningless that doesn’t directly relate to your industry. Keep everything as streamlined as possible and rearrange your profile so it reads easily.

LinkedIn can be a gold mine for unearthing great job opportunities. To take advantage of this resource, you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of recruiters. This will enable you to fine-tune your profile so that you’re found more frequently and grab recruiters’ attention.

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