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Will Facebook Jobs Become a Legitimate Recruitment Tool?

Facebook is the world’s most widely used social media platform by a considerable margin. As of Q3 2017, it had 2.07 billion active users and still continues to see steady growth. On top of this, there’s a massive level of engagement. In fact, the average global user spends 20+ minutes on Facebook each day, and the average American user spends a whopping 40 minutes on it each day. This makes Facebook ideal for finding new talent for your company.

A Recruiting Gold Mine

One particular feature that will be of interest to recruiters is Facebook Jobs, which is incredibly easy to use. From the Jobs page, you simply click on “Publish a Job Post” and fill out the fields including:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Type
  • Details
  • Etc.

You can also connect your company’s Facebook page so candidates can learn more about your organization. Then click on “Publish Job Post” at the bottom. After completing this process, your job posting will appear in the feeds of relevant candidates when they search for jobs on Facebook.

Whenever someone is interested and completes a job application, it will be sent to your company as a message. The whole process is very straightforward.

The Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has an enormous user base. What’s really great is many active users are active and spend a considerable amount of time on the network daily. Therefore, you can cast a wide net by posting jobs on this platform.

It also happens to be free at the moment. While this is subject to change in the future, you can post a job for free, which makes it a great alternative to other job sites that often require a fee to list a job opening.

You can bring some extra exposure to your company. By posting jobs here, you can often get on the radar of more people in your area/industry, which can give your brand equity a nice boost.

Social media is bridging the gap between our personal lives and professional lives. Facebook Jobs is a great example of this trend, and it can be highly advantageous to your company from a recruiting standpoint. It’s easy to use, and with just a bit of effort, you can advertise job openings on the world’s biggest social network.

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