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Is Your Social Media Profile Ready for Your Job Application?

Not only do most employers screen candidates through social media (70 percent did this in 2017), many use it as a direct recruiting tool. Facebook Jobs has become a popular way to find talented employees. While this isn’t used exclusively for hiring/interviewing, it’s definitely something employers will consider.

When you’re applying through Facebook Jobs, it’s critical that your profile is on point and fully optimized.  Here are some ways to accomplish that.

Review Your Content and Media

Research has shown that “54 percent of employers have found content on social media that caused them not to hire a candidate for an open role. The biggest reason was when a candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information.”

Therefore, any pictures, videos or posts that could portray you in a negative light should be either edited or deleted.  You should also feature a professional looking headshot for your profile picture.

Be Aware of Your Posting Settings

Facebook allows you to control who sees your posts. If you wish to keep certain posts private, you’ll want to change the settings from “Public” to “Friends” or “Specific friends.” Simply click on the down arrow, which is just to the right of the date of a post and select who can see it.

Improve Your “Work” and “Education” Sections

These are two key sections that most recruiters will look at. Be sure both are fully up to date and contain as much detail as possible. Treat these sections as you would on your resume.

Beef Up Your “About” Section

This section provides a great opportunity to summarize your skills and give employers an idea of what differentiates you from your competitors. Approach it like you would with your summary on LinkedIn or your cover letter, and touch on specific industry experience and attributes that make you unique.

Social media has become a viable channel for finding a job. In fact, “57 percent of job seekers said they used social media at least once a month.” Facebook is especially popular because of its large user base. But to take full advantage, you need to clean up and edit your profile so you’re more appealing to recruiters. Following these tips should help you accomplish this and increase your chances of ultimately getting hired.

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