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4 Resume Tips Your Job Search Will Love

You have a very small window to impress a recruiter with your resume. In fact, the average recruiter spends only five to seven seconds reviewing each one.  Time is of the essence. Let’s discuss four important resume tips that will aid in your job search and increase your odds of landing an interview.

1. Choose Between a Technical or Chronological Format

A technical resume is very specialized and designed to show a recruiter you possess a distinct set of skills and knowledge for a technical position. This works well when a job requires a candidate with a very specific area of expertise.

A chronological resume is broader and simply includes a list of previous jobs you’ve held in chronological order. This is the best option when an employer is less fixated on a specific skill and more interested in your collective work experience.

2. Show Improvements You Made at Previous Jobs (Numbers Are Very Effective)

One thing most recruiters look for is the progress a candidate makes throughout their career. They want to know you’re making a conscious effort to consistently improve. Therefore, it’s wise to highlight any significant improvements you’ve made over the years.

For instance, you might touch on promotions and how you moved from an entry-level position to a higher-ranking one. Or, you could explain how you’ve picked up new skills along the way. Try to include concrete data whenever possible.

3. Update Your References

References are still a big deal for many employers. As a result, you want to make sure that the information you provide, such as telephone number, email, etc., is accurate and up-to-date. Go ahead and double-check your list of references to see if their information is current. If not, make the appropriate changes.

4. Add Your Latest Accomplishments

Sometimes, it’s the seemingly minor details that can mean the difference between getting an interview or being passed over. That’s why you should make it a point to add your latest accomplishments that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Some examples include:

  • recent awards you’ve received
  • recent certifications that have contributed to your skill set; and
  • promotions

Competition can be fierce in today’s job market. Any type of advantage you can gain is beneficial and can help you stand out from the masses. These four tips should ensure that your resume is airtight and catches the attention of key recruiters.

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