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Which Qualities Do Call Center Managers Want in Their Employees?

Working as an employee in a call center requires a person who possesses a distinct set of traits and skills. Not just anyone can handle the day-to-day pressure this position demands. There are certain qualities call center managers tend to look for when deciding who they should hire. Here are five qualities call center managers want in their employees.


Employees are consistently interacting with customers and other team members throughout the day and often resolving issues. Therefore, it’s important that you have a personable nature and are able to stay calm under pressure. Allow an interviewer to know this is you by smiling and behaving courteously during an interview.

Handles Criticism Well

Let’s face it, you’re bound to encounter an irate customer at some point – it’s inevitable. You’re also likely to receive some occasional criticism from an employer as well. Taking it in stride is critical to your performance and longevity at a company.

Tech Savvy

An employer will also expect you to be able to quickly learn new software such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Your familiarity with technology is important to address in your resume, cover letter and interview.

Active Listener/Communicator

Great communication is vital in this position. Not only must you be able to effectively articulate your thoughts, you need to possess great listening skills, as well. If you’re lacking in either of these areas, you’ll want to work toward improving.

Quick to Find Answers or Knows Where to Get Them

It’s common to find yourself in a position where a customer has a question they need answered right away. Of course, it’s not realistic to assume you have all the answers off-hand. However, you should know how to quickly find them through search engines, software, etc. In other words, you should have solid researching skills.

Call center jobs are in fairly high demand, which means opportunities are available. To make yourself more desirable, you need to know which qualities call center managers are looking for, and make it abundantly clear you possess those qualities. That will help distinguish yourself from the competition and increase your odds of landing a job.

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