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Soft Skills the Best Customer Service Reps Develop

Working as a customer service representative requires a robust skill set. And as you’re about to find out, it goes beyond simply having hard skills such as understanding a computer program or typing. It’s often the soft skills listed below that are most integral to your success.

Effective Listening

Communication is extremely important in this profession. But not only must you speak clearly and succinctly, you also need to be an effective listener. Give the customer a chance to speak and explain their situation so you can determine what’s taking place and how you can best help them.


Being attentive means that you’re really focusing on what a customer is saying, paying attention to their language and sometimes reading between the lines. Not only does this demonstrate courtesy, it allows you to really get to the root of the problem so that you can ultimately find a resolution.


There can be a lot of friction at times, especially when you’re dealing with irate customers who feel they have been wronged in some way. In this situation, they may be inclined to take their frustration out on you when you’re simply trying to do your job. Therefore, having patience and the ability to remain calm is vital. This is what prevents situations from escalating and ultimately provides a positive customer experience.

Putting the Focus on the Customer

Whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone or even through instant messenger, the customer should know that you’re doing everything possible to assist them. In other words, the focus should always be on them. That’s why many experts recommend using the person’s name throughout the conversation.

As Groove HQ points out, “Our names are so important to us that hearing them lights up an entirely different part of our brain than any other words, and using your customers’ name makes them like you more.”

Knowing When to Take Responsibility

Finally, it’s important to take responsibility whenever there was an error on your end or on your company’s end. Often, the first step to rectifying a problem is to admit that a mistake has occurred and being empathic with the customer. This is especially critical when you’re dealing with someone who is upset.

Thriving as a customer service rep requires the right mix of skills. Developing the particular soft skills mentioned here should put you in a position to succeed and have longevity in your career.

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