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Does Texting Job Candidates Lead to a Better Candidate Experience?

The recruiting strategies your company uses heavily impact the caliber of talent you ultimately hire. And with fierce competition in many industries, it’s important to stay ahead of the pack. One of the newer trends is texting job candidates. But is this something that’s viable for your company?

Consider Different Generational Preferences

As you might imagine, this form of communication tends to be most popular among a younger demographic. A recent study from talent acquisition software company Yello surveyed nearly 1,500 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. “Their report shows that 86 percent of those surveyed felt positive when text messages were used during the interview period – an increase from 79 percent in 2016.”

This tells us two things. First, the overwhelming majority of young adults approve of texting during recruiting. Second, it’s becoming more widely accepted.

What About Reaching Older Candidates?

Yello’s research makes it abundantly clear most millennials and Gen Zers enjoy text-based communication. But what about older candidates?

Separate research from touches on this and states, “Texting is the preferred medium of communication for candidates ages 18 – 44, and 99 percent of mobile phone owners have text messaging.”

While this may not be the best approach if you’re trying to attract individuals aged 45 and older, it’s pretty clear that it’s effective on the whole. also points out that many candidates enjoy the personal nature of texting and the fact it eliminates the need for voicemail and phone tag.

Effectively Managing It

Let’s say that you want to start using texting to communicate with candidates. What are some rules and guidelines you should follow to make it work?

Here are some best practices:

  • Text during business hours (9 to 5) – Some candidates find it inappropriate to text during non-business hours
  • Text for only three reasons – To alert someone of a job opening, to schedule an interview or to confirm an interview
  • Don’t send needless texts
  • Keep them brief

Technology has changed the way recruiters connect with job candidates, and texting appears to be the next big trend. Some people say it’s the new email for recruiters. While not effective in all situations, it certainly makes sense for many companies, and following a few best practices should help you take full advantage.

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