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Exciting Candidates Come From Exciting Job Descriptions

Writing a great job description is somewhat of an art. If you expect to land exciting candidates with the knowledge and skills you’re looking for, you need to write an exciting job description that covers all the angles. Here are some tips to help you with this process.

Make Your Company Sound Exciting

You really want to sell your company and let job candidates know that working for you would be a satisfying and rewarding experience. Take some time to figure out what distinguishes your company from your competitors and what your main selling points are.

Maybe you have a reputation for innovation and your products are cutting edge. Or maybe you value employee happiness and go out of your way to provide a fun, stimulating atmosphere. Whatever the case, make this the focal point of your job description.

Include the Pay Rate

Founder and CEO of Human Workplace, Liz Ryan makes a great point in Forbes. “The sensible and ethical thing to do is to include a salary range in every job ad. That way, people who don’t want the job at the salary you’re willing to pay won’t waste their time and your time applying for the position.”

Including the pay rate is an effective way to filter through the talent pool and ensure you’re on the same page with candidates from the start. This way you know the candidates who apply will be happy with the pay rate you’re offering and genuinely excited with the prospect of being hired.

Include Job Details

Being specific with the daily tasks an employee will be responsible for is important for two reasons. First, it ensures the individuals who apply possess the right skills necessary to succeed. Second, it provides candidates with a snapshot of what it would be like to work for your company. It fills in the gaps so they have a comprehensive understanding and will know for sure it’s a job they’re interested in.

Put Yourself in the Job Candidate’s Shoes

Before posting your job description, think about a job candidate reading through it for the first time.

  • What information do they need to know?
  • Is there anything you missed or could elaborate on?
  • Is there anything you could add that would make your company more appealing?

Answering these questions and adjusting the job description accordingly should help you optimize it.

Let’s face it. Many job descriptions are dry and dull and give individuals very little incentive to apply. You can avoid this by jazzing it up and following the tips listed here.

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