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The Best Staffing Agencies Feature These Characteristics

Staffing agencies play a critical role in the U.S. workforce and help connect employers with employees across a variety of industries. Finding a reputable staffing agency is great for expediting your job search and helping you find a position where you’re likely to thrive. But how do you know which recruiter is best? Here are some key characteristics to look for.

They Listen to What You Want in Your Career

A quality staffing agency will work alongside you every step of the way and pay close attention to your career goals. They understand that everyone is unique and what may work well for one person might not for another. Look for an agency that really listens to you and accepts your input when it comes to the type of job you’re looking for.

They Only Bring You Jobs That Are Related to Your Career

There are a lot of different career paths out there. Finding a successful match is largely about placing you in a position that fits your existing career rather than just throwing you into the first job that becomes available. A great staffing agency will take the time to look at your previous experience and qualifications as well as your overall skillset and base their list of prospective companies accordingly.

They Tell You When They Are Sending Your Information to Employers

There’s also the issue of communication. You can often tell how good a recruiter is by how communicative they are with you throughout the process. For example, they’ll tell you which jobs are available that are most relevant to your expertise and the specific employers they’re sending your information to. They’ll also share the feedback they get back from clients so you know what’s going on.

They Pay Attention and Keep You in the Loop

From the moment you first make contact with a company representative to the moment you officially land a job, the best staffing agencies will keep you in the loop. That’s because they value your time and genuinely want to see you succeed.

Not all recruiters are created equal. Before jumping in head first, it’s important you know what to look for in a staffing agency because their professionalism will ultimately impact your odds of success.

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