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A Thank-You Email That Helps You Get the Job

There are numerous best practices that go into an effective job search. One of the most important is sending a thank-you email after an interview. Envato Tuts+ explains that 91 percent of HR managers find a thank-you email to be helpful, and that sending one shows gratitude for the opportunity. On the other hand, failing to send one can make hiring managers think that you lack “follow through.” Here are some tips for writing a thank-you email that helps you get the job.

Use Perfect Grammar and Spelling

Even small errors in grammar or spelling can make you look unprofessional and negate the purpose of sending a thank-you email in the first place. So you need to be perfect and 100 percent accurate with your grammar and spelling.

While most email platforms include an automatic spellcheck, it’s smart to use a tool like Grammarly, which will catch the little things, especially grammar issues. Also, be sure to double or even triple-check your email before sending, just to be sure everything is flawless. Reading the email out loud is helpful.

Include Information From the Interview That You Liked

Ideally, you’ll include specific information to prove you’re genuinely interested and took the time to reflect on things. Maybe you’re excited the company culture matches your own philosophy and values. Or maybe the job tasks would be an opportunity to develop your skill set. Whatever the case, include some details so it doesn’t come across as generic.

Send Within 24 Hours

Time is of the essence here, and most experts agree sending a thank-you email within 24 hours of the interview is best. Any longer, and you may be passed over in favor of another candidate.

Keep It Short and to the Point

Don’t waste a recruiter’s time with a long-winded email. Be brief and concise. Usually, several paragraphs is sufficient. For an example, check out this thank-you letter example from Business News Daily.

In order to make yourself a top contender for a job, it’s important that you send a thank-you email after an interview. It shouldn’t take very long, but can pay dividends and really increase your chances of landing a job.

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