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Wait Until You See Which Skills You Learn While Volunteering

Besides being personally fulfilling, volunteering can have a huge impact on your career and make you more appealing to employers. More specifically, it can help you develop your skill set in a way that really pays off long-term. Here are some of the main benefits of volunteering.

Learn New Skills to Help Your Career

In most jobs, you’ll learn a finite number of skills. While you’ll likely be good at tasks that require those skills, it can be a little limiting in the long run. Volunteering is beneficial because you can quickly develop a more robust skill set and learn things that you may never have otherwise. Some examples include:

  • mentoring
  • leadership
  • tutoring
  • listening
  • counseling
  • coaching

Applying these skills to your career can have a major impact and help you qualify for positions that may have been out of your grasp before. They also look great on a resume.

Networking Opportunities

You’re bound to meet new people while volunteering. Besides forming new friendships, you may also come across some excellent networking opportunities. In turn, you may find out about open positions that are right up your alley. Not to mention, you can get new references that can vouch for your skills when you’re applying for a job.

Increase Your Risk-Taking Ability

The fact that you volunteered shows employers you’re willing to take a risk and put yourself out there. It also lets them know you’re comfortable trying new things and meeting new people, which is very appealing to many recruiters. So when you mention the fact you have volunteered on your resume or cover letter, this should help you stand out from the competition.

It Shows You Have Initiative

Taking it upon yourself to volunteer shows you’re willing to take action and are invested in helping your community. It also proves you have a certain level of ambition. Needless to say, this can make you a more desirable candidate when applying for a position.

Volunteering is truly beneficial for many reasons. Besides the personal satisfaction you get out of it and contributing to something greater than yourself, you can learn valuable new skills, which can help advance your career. To learn about volunteering opportunities in your area, check out this resource from the Corporation for National & Community Service.

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