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5 Tips for Making a Slow Day Go by Quickly!

Super busy days in the workplace can be stressful and overwhelming. But incredibly slow days can be equally troubling because of the boredom and tediousness that often occurs. Below are five tips for staying productive and making even the slowest of days go by quickly.

1. Plan Ahead

You never know how long the calm will last. You can do yourself a huge favor by taking the time to plan ahead for the next couple of days, next week or even next month. For example, you might figure out which tasks you’ll need to complete in the near future and prioritize them accordingly. It’s also a good time to take care of any tasks you’ve been putting off and tying up any loose ends.

 2. Help Others Catch Up

Even if things are slow for you, this might not be true for all your co-workers. In this case, you could volunteer to help someone else who is swamped. Not only is this a great way to strengthen relationships, but you might pick up a new skill as well.

3. Do Some Research

Another idea is to check out publications, blogs, videos, etc., that are relevant to your industry to see what the recent news is. You might find information on how to be more effective at your job or recent laws that could impact your industry.

4. Get Organized

The everyday chaos of the workplace can really add up after a while, and you may find yourself swimming in clutter. A slow day is perfect for getting things organized, so you’ll be in better shape once things get busy again. You might want to:

  • Clean your desk
  • Organize paper and digital files
  • Clear up your inbox

5. Find a New Project

Finally, you may want to ask your boss if they have any other projects for you to work on. While you don’t want to get in over your head by committing to a large-scale project, a smaller side project could certainly be feasible and is a great way to show your employer you have initiative.

Don’t let yourself fall into boredom and idleness during a slow day. There are several ways to stay positive and productive that will make the day go by much quicker. Following these five tips should help.

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