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Staffing Essentials: 4 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Hiring Process

Effective hiring is essential to the success and longevity of your business. Unfortunately, many companies struggle in this area and have inefficient processes that cost them both time and money. A 2016 study by SHRM (potential virus warning when tried to open this link) even found the average time to fill a position is 42 days and the cost is $4,129.  However, you can overcome many of these obstacles by following four key tips.

1) Prepare Exciting Job Descriptions to Attract Top Talent

The job description isn’t something to take lightly. Getting it right should help you attract top talent and can save you time by filtering out the wrong candidates. Betterteam offers some advice on writing an exciting job description:

  • Start with a great title
  • Include 1-3 things about your company that will make the job attractive to candidates
  • Explain a bit of your company history and touch on your culture
  • Describe how your hiring process works so candidates will know what to expect

2) Market Your Open Job Opportunities

It’s important to quickly get the word out and get your job posting seen by the right audience. Some effective strategies include posting it:

  • On relevant job sites
  • On your social media accounts
  • On your website and blog

You may even want to partner with a staffing agency because they’ll have access to a wide pool of talented candidates.

3) Plan What the Interview Process is Going to Look Like

A big part of keeping the hiring process running smoothly is having a game plan for your interviewing. To do so, you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many candidates will we interview?
  • Which mediums will we use (e.g., face-to-face, phone, video chat)?
  • Which questions will we ask?
  • Are there any extra screenings or materials needed for this specific job?
  • What’s the deadline?

4) Set Your New Hire up for Success in Their New Position

After you’ve gone through the hiring process, you want to ensure your new employee gets started on the right foot. Have a comprehensive onboarding process so they can learn about their position, responsibilities, policies, etc. You may also want to appoint each new hire a mentor or primary contact they can turn to for questions.

Hiring can be challenging even for seasoned recruiters. But following these guidelines should help eliminate much of the friction and make the process highly efficient.

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