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Rejected From a Job? See Why a Follow-Up Email Could Benefit You in the Long Run

Not getting the job can be frustrating and disappointing, especially if you and/or your recruiter spent a lot of time on the potential assignment. So you may not always feel inclined to thank a company for their time. But in reality, it’s very important to send a follow-up email which can benefit you in a few different ways long term.

It Shows Courtesy and Respect

Remember the company has taken the time to go over your resume and your credentials, contact you and conduct an interview. It’s nice to acknowledge this and thank them for their time. This shows you appreciate the fact they gave you an opportunity and is a polite, professional way to conduct yourself.

It Helps You Stand Out

A survey from Fortune found that over 75 percent of hiring managers did not receive any kind of thank you note from most of the candidates they interviewed. By these numbers, only one in four candidates will actually take the time to send a follow-up email.

So if you’re one of those who do, this helps you stand out from the rest of the pack and should assist you in making a positive impression. And think of how impressed a hiring manager will be if you took the time to do it even after being rejected from a job. That’s a mark of true character.

The Company Will Remember That When They’re Looking to Hire Again

Just because a company says no right now doesn’t mean things couldn’t change at a later time. Sometimes a recruiter struggles when choosing between closely skilled candidates, and the person who got the job just barely beat you.

In this type of scenario, it’s certainly possible they could contact you in the future when a new position opens up. By sending a follow-up email, you’ll be someone they remember, which could put you at the top of the list.

There’s really no reason not to send a follow-up email—regardless of whether you got the job or not. It’s simple, quick and easy, and the company will note that when they are looking to hire again or you apply again. While there may not be an immediate pay off, it should definitely work to your advantage in the long run.

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