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How to Properly Use LinkedIn to Recruit Top Candidates

With over half a billion users and 260 million of them logging in monthly, LinkedIn is the go-to for many recruiters. Many of which have great success, finding highly talented candidates that are assets to the workplace. To fully take advantage of this resource, you must know how to properly utilize LinkedIn’s recruiting tools. Here are some tips for getting the most out of it.

Search for Candidates Using the Right Criteria

One strategy for recruiting A+ talent that fits into your workplace is to search for candidates based on the profiles of your top employees. Here’s how it works. First, visit an employee’s profile and go through their “Skills & Endorsements” section. This will show you:

  • industry knowledge;
  • tools and technologies;
  • interpersonal skills; and
  • other skills.

Review and pull out some of the main skills that are relevant to the job you’re looking to fill. If one of your best employees possesses these skills, you’ll likely want a new hire to have them as well. You can plug those skills in when searching for candidates, which should streamline your findings.

Reach Out to Candidates Correctly

Say you’ve found someone you’re interested in and want to reach out to them. You should avoid sending generic messages using mass-made formats. Most candidates can tell when it’s copy and pasted, which can hurt rapport-building initiatives. It may take some extra time, but recruiting experts suggest writing a unique, personalized message that emphasizes what you have in common (e.g. the same industry or mutual connections).

Keep Messages Brief

Initial messages should be kept short at a maximum of 150 words. The reason is simple. Creating a long message that requires a lot of reading and scrolling reduces the likelihood of a candidate making it all the way to the end. And, if they don’t make it to the end, they’re much less likely to respond. Keeping messages brief allows you to make an introduction to get the ball rolling. Once you have their attention, you can go into further detail.

LinkedIn continues to be an outstanding recruiting tool and can put you in touch with millions of strong candidates. Following these tips should help you use it properly and improve your recruiting efforts.

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