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How to Prevent Yourself From Slipping, Tripping and Falling at Work

Safety is always a top priority in any warehouse. One of the biggest threats employees face is slips, trips and falls. In fact, “26 percent of the 892,270 nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work were related to slips, trips and falls.” Here are a few ways you can prevent yourself from being injured on the job.

Start by Wearing the Right Shoes

You can greatly reduce the odds of accidents and injuries by wearing proper footwear. Doing so addresses the issue of slipping, and should provide you with stable footing at all times. The main thing to look for is the amount of tread on the sole. If a shoe has tread that’s been worn down over time or simply doesn’t have much tread to begin with, this puts you in danger of slipping. Make sure you only wear shoes with plenty of tread or ones that are labeled as slip-resistant.

Maintain a Clean, Organized Workspace

Keeping areas clear of clutter, debris and obstacles is also essential. This is especially important for hallways and other narrow areas. Maintain a consistent cleaning regiment to keep your workspace tidy, and always wipe up spills immediately. Also, keep electrical cords covered and out of the way. Taking a “clean as you go” approach should ensure your workspace is always in great shape and greatly reduces the odds of an accident.

Use Proper Labels and Signs

Having items like warehouse shelves, bays and bins clearly marked makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and prevents you from putting yourself in dangerous positions. So, be sure to use labels to make items instantly identifiable. Using signs throughout a warehouse is equally important, so you and other team members will know when a particular area is slippery, how far you can safely climb up a ladder, and so on.

Maintain or Improve Lighting

Lighting is another big factor here. If you can’t see where you’re going, your chances of slipping, tripping or falling increase dramatically. Be sure to replace burned out light bulbs with new ones and let your employer know if any areas in the warehouse aren’t sufficiently lit.

Working in a warehouse comes with some inherent dangers. Fortunately, slips and trips can be minimized greatly with the right safety precautions. And falls, the National Safety Council says, are 100 preventable.

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