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Is It Possible to Be Too Eager for a Job Opportunity?

You just applied to a job and you’re excited! You waited two weeks to follow up on your application, but now what? You want to email them again! But should you? Let’s find out if being too eager could be a bad thing.

Respecting a Hiring Manager’s Schedule

Following up after submitting an application is something most experts suggest doing. However, you need to be smart about it. Staffing professional, Bill Driscoll mentions that checking in too early or too frequently gives a hiring manager the impression you’re being pushy and not respecting their schedule while they sort through applications.

Also keep in mind that most jobs receive a ton of applications — 250 on average. It’s important to be patient or it could potentially hurt your chances of landing an interview.

Following up a Second Time

What should you do if you followed up and didn’t’ receive a response?

Generally speaking, it’s alright to follow up once more. “If you followed up by email and you don’t hear back, I think it is OK to follow up one more time — but that should be the max,” Driscoll explains. “It can be one more chance to show that you’re very interested.”

However, it’s not recommended to check in any more than that. In the event you still haven’t gotten a response or an interview, it’s usually in your best interest to move on with your job search and look for another position.

Show Your Interest, But Don’t Overdo It

The point here is that hiring managers have a lot on their plates. They often have to filter through hundreds of resumes which can take a substantial amount of time. Therefore, they may not always reach out to you or respond to your follow-up as quickly as you may like.

It’s OK, and recommended, to follow up after two weeks and once more after that if you still don’t receive a response. But you don’t want to push it and run the risk of annoying a hiring manager. Remember, if they’re interested, they’ll reach out to you. Instead, turn your attention elsewhere and apply with other companies or reach out to a staffing agency.

The job search process can be tricky and requires an understanding of etiquette. Following this simple tip should help you in your correspondence with hiring managers and prevent any unnecessary mistakes.

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