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Best Ways to Juggle a Full-Time and Part-Time Job

Summer is the perfect time for side work to generate extra income. The only problem is juggling full-time and part-time work can become overwhelming and lead to burnout. If you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed working two jobs, check out these tips.

Organize Your Workweek

For starters, it’s helpful to schedule your workweek in advance and plan out each day as much as possible. This will help keep things on track and make you more productive. Amy McDonough, vice president and general manager of Fitbit Group Health offers some advice on this. She recommends scheduling low-demand tasks on Monday, taking on the most difficult challenges on Tuesday and Wednesday when energy levels peak and winding down on Thursday and Friday. Also, try to have some flexibility to account for inevitable curveballs that will arise.

Explore Telecommuting Options

There are many tasks that can be performed digitally these days, and a growing number of employers now offer telecommuting options to workers. In fact, research from Gallup found, “43 percent of employees reported working remotely in 2016, up from 39 percent in 2012.” Ask your employers if there are any tasks you can perform at home, as this can give you more flexible hours, reduce commute times and minimize stress.

Try to Take One Full Day Off Per Week

Working a full-time and part-time job can be exhausting, so it’s vital to give yourself time to recharge. While not always possible, you should at least try to take off one full day per week to relax and regain your energy. Doing so will provide you with much-needed rest and help you operate at a higher level once the workweek resumes.

Focus on the Big Picture

Finally, it’s important you remember why you’re working two jobs and how it’s going to benefit your life in the long run. Maybe it’s to get out of debt or pay off a student loan. Maybe it’s to save up for a mortgage. Or maybe it’s to provide your family with a higher quality of life. Whatever the reason, focusing on the big picture should keep you motivated and engaged.

Working a full-time and part-time job can be demanding. But following these tips should make it more manageable and prevent you from burning out.

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