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Virtual Reality is the Future of Forklift Training

Forklifts are an integral part of a warehouse and make it more efficient and productive. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous, with 34,900 serious injuries involving forklift accidents occurring each year. When hiring forklift operators, ensuring they’re trained and certified is a must. Now, virtual reality is putting a new twist on making sure your forklift talent is qualified.

The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator

In early 2018, “The Raymond Corporation launched a Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator to serve as a supplemental tool to assist in the development of new and existing forklift operators.” The tool utilizes cutting-edge technology that allows trainees to plug in a forklift truck into a patent-pending Simulation Port, known as a sPort. From there, trainees can use the controls to work their way through progressively more difficult stages of VR training.

“Each truck model will include a series of guided lessons that increase in complexity and build upon principles learned in earlier lessons, providing the user with a consistent experience all while reinforcing desired behaviors,” The Raymond Corporation explains. Instructors can see exactly what the trainee sees through a panel, allowing them to provide real-time feedback. The Simulator also generates reports so the instructor knows how much progress a trainee has made and any specific areas that need improvement.

Streamlining Forklift Training

As you’re probably aware, forklift training requires a learning curve and can create some real hazards when new operators are learning the ropes. The Raymond VR Simulator is an excellent way to streamline the training process and lets trainees learn the fundamentals in a controlled environment. This eliminates any accidents that might stem from a new operator crashing into shelving, stock or co-workers.

The immersive experience gives trainees the chance to grow their skill set and increase their confidence. So once they’ve passed their training exercises, they’ll be ready to operate a real forklift. An added plus is companies don’t have to invest in and store costly training equipment like they did in the past. If forklift training is a big part of your onboarding process, The Raymond VR Simulator is an option to look into.

Advancing Technology

This tool shows just how far technology has come and the benefits it can offer for the warehouse industry. To learn more about this tool, check out The Raymond Corporation’s website.

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