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Help! I Don’t Want a Job in What I Studied at School.

Looking for a job after college graduation can be intimidating. But it can feel even more difficult when you want a job in an industry outside of the field you majored in. Here’s advice on what to do in this situation.   

Make Sure You’re Qualified 

The good news is there are plenty of jobs out there, many of which you can get even if they’re outside of your college major. The bad news is there will still be some boundaries, with certain positions simply not being realistically attainable. Once you’ve identified an industry you’re interested in, make sure you still have the basic qualifications. If not, you may need to obtain some sort of certification so you meet base qualifications.  

Identify Transferable Skills 

In many cases, certain skills will transfer from one industry to another. For example, maybe you initially studied to become a computer systems analyst — a career that requires strong analytical skills. You’ve since changed your mind, but those skills could potentially transfer to another industry that also demands analytical skills such as a shipping specialist.  

Leverage Your Existing Knowledge 

Beyond transferable skills, you probably have a sizable knowledge base you’ve built up over the years that could be applied to a job you’re interested in. For instance, maybe you learned how to stay highly organized and figure out logistics. These skills could also apply to a position like a logistics manager 

Break-in with a Temp Job or Internship  

One of the most difficult things about landing a job in an industry outside of your major is you don’t have any direct experience. This means many employers will be reluctant to take a chance on you when there are other applicants who have the degree they’re looking for. While this does present a challenge, it’s one that can often be overcome by starting out in more basic, entrylevel positions like a temp job or internship. This is a great way to get your feet wet, pick up some knowledge and make key industry connections. And afterward, you’ll look much more appealing to prospective employers.  

Although being in this situation isn’t ideal, it doesn’t have to be a career roadblock. Following the advice mentioned here should help you work around it so you can find a meaningful career in an industry you’re passionate about.  

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