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Everything You Need to Know About Working With a Recruiter

When it comes time to job search, people tend to shy away from working with a recruiter. However, partnering with the right staffing agency can potentially lead to a career breakthrough and help match you with a job that’s a great fit. Let’s break down everything you need to know, start to finish, about working with a recruiter 

Recruiters Operate in Two Ways 

There are two main setups. One is on a contingency basis where a recruiter is up against other competitors to find a suitable candidate for a company and only gets paid if they’re the agency that places a candidate. This is the most common arrangement and likely what you’ll encounter.  

The other is a retained executive search where a company works with only one agency. Here they receive an upfront fee at the start of the candidate search, and the remainder once the position is filled. Since it’s an exclusive partnership, companies tend to be more rigorous and have higher expectations when a recruiter selects an employee.  

Recruiters Are Strongly Motivated to Find You a Job 

Whether it’s on a contingency basis or retained executive search, a recruiter wants to find you a suitable position because that’s how they earn their money. In other words, a recruiter is heavily motivated to match you with a relevant job. So they’ll do all they can to place you. As a result, they’ll want to learn everything they can about you, like your knowledge, skill set, education and interests.  

Recruiters Don’t Usually Have the Final Say Whether You’re Hired or Not  

“They often have input into the decision, depending on the organization, and they are often the person who delivers the good or bad news to the job seeker,” explains online job search expert, Susan P. Joyce. “But someone else, often a committee in very large organizations or the hiring manager, makes the hiring decision.” This is something else to keep in mind and shows that you still need to make a great impression on the actual company in order to be hired.  

Understanding the fundamentals of how recruiters operate should help you get started on the right foot and make your experience a positive one. And with any luck, you’ll find a rewarding position to advance your career.  

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