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Is Texting the New Way to Communicate With Recruiters?

While email was one of the primary ways to reach recruiters a few years ago, things have changed, and texting has now become the norm. According to a recent study, text messages are read over 95 percent of the time, while emails only receive an average 20 percent open rate, meaning your message will likely be seen. When communicating with recruiters via text, follow these best practices for maximum impact.  

Only Text During Business Hours 

One practice that’s deemed inappropriate is texting a recruiter during non-business hours, with 14 percent of job seekers taking issue with this. And it’s easy to see why this can create friction. Most recruiters don’t want to be bothered by candidates during their time off, which can really hurt your chances of landing an interview. So pay close attention to a company’s hours of operations when deciding when to text.   

Use Professional Language 

Texting is by nature a casual form of communication. It’s common to use abbreviations, acronyms and emojis to get a point across. While this is OK when you’re communicating with friends or family, it should definitely be avoided when texting a recruiter. You’ll only want to use professional language where you: 

  • spell out your words fully;
  • avoid abbreviations, acronyms and emojis; and
  • check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

Communicate Clearly 

In terms of the content of your message, there are a couple of things to include. First, you should clearly state the specific job you’re interested in. Sometimes recruiters may have multiple job openings, so this will ensure they know which one you want to apply for. Second, you should briefly explain your qualifications and skill set and why they make you a great fit for the job. Be as concise as possible, because you don’t want to send a long-winded message that’s difficult to read.  

Promptly Respond 

Assuming you get a response, it’s crucial you promptly respond back to acknowledge you’ve received it. In other words, don’t wait several hours before texting a recruiter back. Be on standby so that you don’t keep them waiting. Even a quick “thank you” can suffice in many cases.  

Email is out, and texting is in. Considering 95 percent of texts are read three minutes after being sent, it’s a form of communication that makes sense for today’s job seekers. Following these tips should ensure you go about it the right way and increase your odds of getting an interview.  

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