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5 Things Job Seekers Want During Their Job Search

Hiring talented employees is vital to the long-term success of a business. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done, and many companies struggle with their recruitment. In fact, “42 percent of employers are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need,” according to the recruitment software company, Talentnow 

Here are five things job seekers look for during their job search, so you can better appeal to top talent.  

 1. Social Media Job Ads

Nearly four out of five job seekers use social media to find positions in 2019. Using networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to post jobs is the new norm and a convenient way for candidates to find job opportunities. If you have yet to use social media in your recruiting, now is the time to start.   

 2. Transparency With the Position 

One of the biggest frustrations among job seekers is applying for a job that sounds interesting and engaging, only to find out later it’s not what they thought. For instance, recruiters may primarily focus on the more appealing aspects of a position in the job ad and leave out some of the less appealing parts. While this may increase the number of applications you receive, it can create discord later on. So always be transparent with the details of a position right from the start.  

 3. A Streamlined Job Application

A recent survey found only 30 percent of employees spend more than 20 minutes on an application. If your application takes any longer than that, there will likely be a drop off where most job seekers abandon it, causing your talent pool to shrink. That’s why it’s important to only ask for essential information that’s truly necessary.  

4. Communication Throughout the Hiring Process 

Another major frustration for nearly half of job seekers is when a hiring manager leaves them in the dark, where they don’t know what their status is. Furthermore, 55 percent of job seekers will wait less than two weeks before giving up on a position and moving on. Therefore, it’s important to keep applicants in the loop and let them know whether they’ve been shortlisted or if you’ve chosen a different candidate who’s a better fit.   

5. A Hiring Manager to Respect Their Time

Finally, candidates don’t want a hiring manager to waste their time. For example, you should follow through and call a candidate when you said you would, be on time for an interview, and so on.  

Improving your recruiting is crucial for finding and retaining top industry talent. Understanding exactly what job seekers are looking for should help you do this and build a stronger team.  

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