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5 Ways to Make Background Checks More Efficient

Background screening is one of the final steps of the hiring process, and sometimes can be the longest part. Here are five tips for streamlining background checks and making them more efficient.

1. Only Find Essential Information

Employment background checks can unearth a lot of information, including criminal records, drug screening, work history, driving records, and so on. They can even provide you with a person’s use of social media. One of the best ways to save time is to identify exactly what information you need and eliminate anything that’s unnecessary. For instance, maybe you want to find a candidate’s criminal record and get a drug screening, but finding their work history and driving record is unnecessary.

2. Develop a Process

Next, it’s helpful to create a formal process that allows you to find the information you need and analyze it efficiently. This may include assigning background checks to a particular person on your team and having them communicate what they’ll be checking to candidates. You may also save the results to a certain type of software. However you decide to go about it, keeping your process systematic should help speed things up.

3. Test Your Process

It’s also important that you actually test the process yourself. Studies have found, “More than a third of employers (38 percent) have lost a candidate because they had a negative experience with their background check; however, less than half of HR managers who conduct background checks (44 percent) have tested their background check experience themselves.” Making an effort to test not only eliminates major issues, but it should also help prevent friction with job candidates.

4. Know How to Interpret the Findings

Seldom will results yield a “pass” or “fail” answer. Instead, they will usually require a certain level of interpretation. So, it’s critical that whoever is responsible knows how to interpret the findings efficiently. Ideally, you’ll use the same person for each test.

5. Choose the Right Background Check Provider

Finally, you’ll want to look at the average turnaround time for background check results from a provider before choosing them. This should be a major deciding factor, so look closely at this information when making your decision.

It’s important to pay close attention to candidates during your hiring process, and background checks are critical for making this happen. Following these five tips should help you perform this process more efficiently and find the best candidates.

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